Heartwood Frame was inspired by local artists approaching us to build them hardwood frames. Already well known for our quality wood products at Heartwood Forest Products, they were confident we could create beautiful frames.

With excellent feedback, we moved forward mastering the process, creating hand crafted works of art from 100% sustainable hardwood. Our small team of artisan frame builders hand select our wood from local mills in upstate NY.

Unlike many other frame builders, we do not use V nails to secure the corner joints of our frames. Instead, we interlock our frame joints by dovetailing them harmoniously together. This ensures unsurpassed strength. Each frame is then hand sanded, carefully inspected, then off to the spray booth for three coats of finish.

We are local Upstate NY people who are making handcrafted frames from sustainable local forests using acid free components and 99.9% UV glass.  100% American proud working with exceptional quality.